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Fire Damage reconstruction

Fires are both devastating and emotional events to deal with. In addition to the damage caused, irreplaceable personal posessions can also be ruined.  


Smoke and soot can permeate objects, leave a lasting odor and will continue to cause damage  if not dealt with immediately until the area is professionally cleaned. 


You might think once the flames have been extinguished, the damage to your home or office has been contained. Not true, damage will continue to worsen until the affected areas have been completely cleaned, removed of soot, dried and treated. 

The most common causes of fires include: 


Chemical fires
Christmas trees

Faulty wiring

Heating equipment

Smoking indoors

Unattended cooking

Once the damage has been contained, cleaned and treated, let us be your partner in restoring life to normalcy as soon as possible. 


Our licensed general contractors have a combined experience of more than 100 years of all areas of general contracting. We understand the urgency of getting your home or office back to its original state, no matter how large or small the damage may be.


This means finding a general contracting company with extensive experience in home and office restoration as well as one with employees well versed in home and office insurance policies. Not only will we rebuild any damaged areas in your home or office, we'll help you determine what damage is covered by your insurance policy and what you may be financially responsible for. 

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